January 28, 2008

Taylor's Baptism

On January 13th, Taylor was Baptised at Anitoch Lutheran Church, the church where I grew up. We met with Pastor Chreiss the day before to go over the ceremony procedure and to meet with the other family who would also be having their daughter Baptised. We also found out that we had chosen a very special day to have Tay Baptised, as this was the day Jesus was Baptised! The ceremony was held on during normal service hours, as Taylor was welcomed into the Christian faith by the entire church family.

Many people came to celebrate with us. My mom, Gram, friends Marty, Bruce, Beth and Elyse, along with Tony's brother Keith and his three children Joshua, Kayla and Nicholas, all were there. Bethany and Keith are Taylor's Godparents, and they seemed very happy to be there.

Taylor did very well during the service, staying very quiet and playing with everyone! When we were at the altar, the only time Taylor cried was when Pastor Chreiss put the cross on her head with the blessed oil. After the Baptism, we proceeded with normal service and Taylor enjoyed being around everyone!

After the ceremony we went to the Family Buggy for lunch. We all had a great time. Tony, Taylor and I would like to send our Thanks to everyone who came out for the day and for all that everyone did. The following pictures were taken by our dear friend Marty, who is a genius with the camera!